10 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brands with Stylish Collections

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An eco-friendly swimwear is the best partner for a splash in a pool or beach.

These sustainable fashion are made using eco-friendly fabrics through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

However, we understand that while you want to avoid fast fashion and help reduce the negative impacts of the fashion industry, you also care about style and comfort.

So instead of giving you a long list, we only featured the best eco-friendly swimwear options that you’ll actually want to wear.

Below are Ecotero’s top 10 picks on sustainable swimwear brands based on:

  • Materials used
  • Style, comfort, and quality
  • Production and manufacturing process
  • Affordability
  • Reviews from consumers

Let’s take a look at your options.

Our Top 1 Pick
For Best Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brands

Vitamin A Sustainable Swimwear

  • Sustainable swimwear brand for women
  • Bikinis made from recycled nylon and plant-based materials
  • Products are crafted locally in California
  • Eco-conscious manufacturing and production

Our Top 2 Pick
For Best Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brands

Made Trade Eco-Friendly Swimwear Collection

  • Sustainable swimwear collection from independent designers
  • Products made from eco-friendly fabrics and recycled plastic
  • Versatile styles and designs to choose from
  • Comes in all sizes for women

1. Vitamin A


Vitamin A provides affordable, sustainable bikinis for women of all sizes.

Their products are made using recycled nylon and plant-based materials.

Vitamin A also wants to help reduce the carbon emissions caused by shipping products, so most of its collection is crafted locally in California. 

Moreover, the company takes extra measures to reduce the impact of their production.

For instance, all their mailers are 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable. They also replaced all their lighting fixtures with LED lights to reduce electric consumption.

And finally, Vitamin A donates a portion of its profits to 1% For the Planet, Surfrider Foundation, and Oceana.

2. Made Trade


Instead of being a single brand, Made Trade is actually a platform housing sustainable products from different designers, artisans, and manufacturers worldwide.

Made Trade’s swimwear collection features stylish garments in different sizes for various body types.

And while they are made by different businesses, every swimwear in Made Trade’s collection is made using sustainable fabrics like ECONYL, Repreve, and other recycled materials.

Besides swimwear, Made Trade also offers plenty of other eco-friendly alternatives to daily products for kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

3. Patagonia


  • Eco-friendly swimwear brand for men and women
  • Products made from hemp, recycled polyester, and other sustainable fabrics
  • High-quality and stylish swimwear collection
  • Fair Trade Certified sewn garments

Patagonia is a respected name in the hemp clothing industry.

Their vast collection of eco-friendly swimwear for men and women includes:

  • Boardshorts.
  • One-piece swimsuits.
  • Two-piece swimsuits.
  • Nanogrip swimsuits.

Patagonia’s products are designed for function, fit, and style while prioritizing durability, consuming less energy, wasting less water, and creating less trash.

And guess what?

This eco-friendly swimwear brand also pledged 1% of its sales to preserve and restore the natural environment.

4. prAna


  • Sustainable swimwear brand for men
  • Eco-friendly swim trunks made using recycled polyester
  • Products made in Fair Trade Certified factories
  • High-quality, stylish, and affordable

prAna is a sustainable clothing brand with a stylish and eco-friendly swimwear collection for men.

The company’s eco-friendly swim trunks are made using recycled polyester in Fair Trade Certified factories.

prAna’s swimming trunks are equipped with UPF 50+, PFC-free finishes, and quick-drying.

They come in various styles, are comfy, and are super durable too!

5. Summersalt


  • Affordable eco-friendly swimwear for women
  • Swim garments made with recycled textiles
  • Stylish and super durable swimwear
  • WRAP certified ethical production

Do you have a hard time finding sustainable swimwear that fits perfectly? Try Summersalt.

Summersalt took over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to ensure that their products fit all ladies.

The company makes stylish swim garments using recycled textiles that boast up to five times the strength and four times the compression of other swimwear.

Summersalt swimwear is also budget-friendly and is made in WRAP-certified facilities.

WRAP (aka Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is an organization that promotes safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing worldwide. 

6. Outerknown


  • Eco-friendly swimwear brand for men
  • Swim trunks made from plastic water bottles
  • Developed and tested by 11x World Champion Kelly Slater
  • Sustainably engineered for maximum performance

Are you looking for a high-performance, sustainable swimming trunk? You can get one from Outerknown.

Outerknown is a popular eco-friendly swim and surfing brand for men.

And while their other clothing products are made of organic cotton or wool, the company’s swimming trunk is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Outerknown swimming trunks are sewn together in Fair Trade certified factories and are specifically designed to be durable and ultra-high-performance.



  • Eco-friendly swimwear brand for women
  • Swimwear is made with ECONYL and deadstock fabric
  • UV-protecting swimsuits are equivalent to using SPF50
  • Bold, colorful, and unique designs

PAPER is a UK-based fashion brand that makes sustainable clothing for women.

They have a great collection of sustainable swimwear from ECONYL, a regenerated fiber made from nylon waste, fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic.

PAPER’s swimwear comes in colorful and bold designs that a woman will surely love.

They are also UV-protecting and made to last.

And since PAPER is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of the fashion industry…

The company pledges to plant 5 mangrove trees within Madagascar, Mozambique, or Kenya for every swimwear purchase.

8. Organic Basics


  • Eco-friendly swimwear brand for men and women
  • Products made using recycled plastic
  • Ethically made and PETA “Vegan approved”
  • High-quality swimwear designed everything to last

Organic Basics is a well-known clothing label that sells organic cotton clothes for men and women.

When it comes to the sustainable swimwear department, Organic Basics proudly offers Re-Swim.

Re-Swim is a collection of timeless, classic swimwear made with recycled plastic from oceans and landfills.

Feel free to take your pick from eco-friendly swimsuits to sustainable swimming trunks.

Moreover, Organic Basics’ eco-friendly swimwear is designed to last, ensuring longevity, value for money, and generating less waste from old clothing.

Organic Basics only work with trusted, certified factory partners that share the same sustainable fashion vision and respect for the environment.

All their products are made by workers in good working conditions paid with living wages and no child labor.

Finally, Basic Organics’ eco-friendly swimwear is cruelty-free and does not contain any animal products or by-products.

9. Girlfriend Collective


  • Eco-friendly swimwear brand for women
  • Swimsuits are created from recycled fishing nets and ocean waste
  • Dyed using non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes
  • Each swimwear is available from XXS to 6XL

Girlfriend Collective provides sustainable swimwear made from recycled fishing nets and ocean waste.

Their products are also ethically-made and dyed using eco-friendly dyes.

Meanwhile, the wastewater from the dyeing process is carefully cleaned and cooled before being released into the environment.

Besides sustainability, the company also makes extra effort to ensure that each swimwear style will fit all body types and sizes.

They are among the few eco-friendly swimwear brands that offer the largest size ranges around, with their sizes available up to 6XL.

Girlfriend Collective’s sustainable swimwear collection is also designed not just for swimming but also for other aquatic activities such as beach volleyball.



  • Sustainable swimsuit brand for women
  • Stylish swimwear made with Repreve fabric
  • UPF 50+ sun protection, chlorine, and saltwater resistant
  • Plastic-free product packaging and shipping

TIDE + SEEK’s sustainable swimwear is made with Repreve, a fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

This sustainable women’s swimwear brand is popular for its one-pieces with various exciting bright prints for all sizes.

The company’s ethos is to provide conscious consumers with high-quality swimwear while reducing the number of plastic bottles that go into landfills and the ocean every year. 

Using recycled plastic, TIDE + SEEK effectively offsets the use of new petroleum for fashion, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses while conserving water and energy.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.

Summer’s here and with this list of the best eco-friendly swimwear brands, we hope you’ll find the perfect sustainable outfit to have a good time in water.

Eco-Friendly Swimwear FAQs

What is eco-friendly swimwear made of?

The main difference of an eco-friendly swimwear to a typical swimming suit or trunk is that the former is made using sustainable materials such as organic fibers and recycled plastic.

Can swimwear be eco-friendly?

Yes. In fact, many clothing brands today are making their own line of eco-friendly swimwear made from sustainable materials.

What is the best eco-friendly swimwear?

The best eco-friendly swimwear is one made using renewable and sustainable fabric and produced through ethical and environment friendly manufacturing process. They must also be durable and comfortable to wear, not to mention stylish.

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