20 Best Gift Ideas for Vegans

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This is a complete guide to the best gift ideas for vegans.

Our guess is you have a friend, a relative, or a special someone that is vegan and you want to make sure you pick the right gift for them.

We’ll, don’t worry because we got you covered.

From clothing, vegan shoes, up to cruelty-free hygiene products, we round up the best vegan-friendly products for you.

But first…

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle that abstains from products made by harming animals, including clothes, accessories, food, etc.

It is hard to shift and maintain a vegan lifestyle as it requires strong dedication and a lot of discipline.

However, veganism have positive environmental impacts and many people believe being vegan is not only eco-friendly but also the ethical way to live.

And through simple things like giving vegan gifts, you can help vegans sustain their chosen lifestyle and make them feel your support.

So without further ado, here are 20 gift ideas vegans will appreciate and thank you for.

1. Ripple Vegan Milks


Giving a vegan a non-dairy milk alternative is a simple yet powerful gesture.

As you may already know, vegans don’t consume dairy products, and we’re sure that there are plenty of foods they miss, such as milk.

Ripple plant-based milk is derived from organic peas but is as tasty and nutritious as a cow’s milk.

And since it is derived from soy, it is the perfect vegan milk option for people who are allergic to soy.

If the person you know doesn’t like pea milk, here are more vegan milk options to choose from.

2. Isshah Vegan Bamboo Toothbrush


While we can all agree that a toothbrush isn’t really a conventional gift, it is a product that we need (and use) on daily basis.

This toothbrush from Isshah is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly as it is made from bamboo.

With thousands of outstanding customer reviews, the Isshah bamboo toothbrush is one of the most popular vegan toothbrush choice.

Its packaging is also a recycled kraft paper box that is biodegradable so it is not only vegan-friendly but also eco-friendly from inside-out.

It also has a full-refund guarantee if you don’t like the product.

For more options on bamboo toothbrushes, click here to see the complete list.

3. Georganics Zero Waste Vegan Teeth Whitening Toothpaste


Georganics toothpaste is organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and certified vegan.

The packaging is zero-waste as it is placed in a recyclable glass container and an aluminum tin cover.

All the ingredients used to create this toothpaste are naturally sourced that can naturally remove dental plaque without fluoride and SLS.

The package includes an applicator to scoop the right amount of toothpaste for your toothbrush.

You can also find more eco-friendly vegan toothpastes online.

4. Ethique Vegan Face Cleansing Bar


Always have fresh skin with Ethique face cleansing bar made with the safest natural ingredients. 

It is a cruelty-free, vegan, pH-balanced, and soap-free cleansing bar which makes it very compatible with your face.

Most soaps contains cleaning agent that may be too much for our facial skin and even contains ingredients derived from animal sources.

With this innovative facial cleanser, there’s nothing more your vegan friend can ask for.

We also have a list of the best zero-waste face wash and many of them are vegan-friendly if you want to look for more options.

5. Vegan Hydrating Body Lotion by Nourish Organic


Nourishing Organic’s true organic product integrity is still of the highest standards in the health and beauty industry.  

The product is certified vegan and cruelty-free, along with its other certifications. It hydrates your skin and makes it softer and smoother.

The tube, cap, and aluminum foil disc are 100% recyclable. 

The company is still going beyond its current status to improve its sustainability. They are a proud member of 1% For The Planet, consistently donating 1% of their profit for environmental initiatives.

We have more organic lotions you can choose from for gift ideas.

6. Primal Life Organics Vegan Deodorant


Amazon dubs Primal Life Organics deodorant as the best deodorant ever.

It is made with all-natural ingredients that effectively deodorize your armpits without irritating your skin. 

One of its key ingredients is Hemp seed oil which fights inflammation and odor-causing bacteria.

The product is also vegan, cruelty-free, Aluminum-free, infused with activated charcoal, with a fresh powder feel. The container is 100% plastic-free.

If you are interested in more natural vegan deodorant products, we have a list that you can check out.

7. Murphy’s Naturals Cruelty-Free Mosquito Repellent Balm


If your vegan friends love nature tripping, make sure that you give them one of these vegan-friendly and eco-friendly insect-repellents.

It is guaranteed cruelty-free, convenient to use, and travel-size.

Murphy’s Naturals repellent balm is made with all-natural and plant-based ingredients. It is DEET-free, unlike most insect repellents.

DEET is an active chemical ingredient to keep insects and bugs away. However, it is not eco-friendly because it can cause food contamination and pollution.

It is packed in a recyclable tin can with an easy-to-remove cover.

8. WAMA Vegan-Friendly Underwears


WAMA Underwear is made with Hemp and organic cotton.

Using these materials has already contributed to water conservation and environmental safety.

Hemp is considered one of the most eco-friendly clothing options and fabric sources. It requires fewer resources, is biodegradable, and it is very durable.

WAMA Underwear is made for both men and women. It is comfortable, breathable, and softer with every wash.

More and more eco-friendly underwear is made nowadays and many of them are vegan-friendly.

9. Ettitude Vegan Sleeping Wear 


Perfect for your vegan bed bum friends, Ettitude provides sleeping wear for men, women, and babies.

Ettitude sleeping wear is made with Bamboo lyocell from 100% organic raw materials. It is as soft as silk, breathable as linen, sustainable as Hemp, and way kinder on the planet than cotton.

The company strives to become 100% plastic-free by using recycled paper and fabric scrap for packaging.

We have a list of different eco-friendly bamboo products on the market today. Check them for more options.

10. ONNO Cruelty-Free T-shirts


Another Hemp-made product, ONNO, is a US clothing company that sells shirts for men and women.

Aside from Hemp, the company also uses Bamboo, organic, and Pima cotton. 

These comfortable t-shirts are very breathable and suitable for warm weather. It is also recommendable for outdoor activities like hiking.

ONNO’s t-shirts are GOTS certified, meaning less toxic and chemical-free.

There is also a long list of Hemp clothing brands in the market that you can check out.

11. Delilah Home Organic Cotton Bath Towels


Delilah Home bath towels are like heaven on earth.

Its softness is very luxurious, and the fact that it is also sustainable and cruelty-free makes it the best option for bath towels.

The product is ethically and responsibly made with organic cotton certified by GOTS; highly absorbent and 50% thicker than most towels.

Your vegan friends will love this gift as it is actually “Certified Vegan” bath towel.

Aside from GOTS and Vegan.org certification, Delilah Home is also a member of the Organic Trade Association, Green America, and Textile Exchange.

The company supports the 1% For The Planet campaign by donating 10% of its profits.

Many options for eco-friendly towels are available online and many of them are also designed for vegans.

12. 8000 Kicks Vegan Shoes


How about a Hemp wardrobe? From underwear to T-shirts, now we have Hemp-made shoes.

8000 Kicks is a young company yet, a promising one.

Their products are waterproof, made with industrial Hemp, lightweight, durable, and, most importantly, vegan.

8000 Kicks are pioneers in developing hemp products as they are firm and long-lasting.

The company is also involved with charity programs to offset its carbon footprint, and they have been planting trees worldwide.

Aside from running shoes, you can also find vegan sneakers and footwears here.

13. Earth Mode Organic Vegan Socks


If you’re going to give Hemp-made shoes as a gift, you might as well add in Hemp-made socks. 

Earth Mode is an Earth-loving brand, and its socks are made with Hemp, Organic cotton, and Bamboo. They have 75% less carbon footprint than regular socks.

The product is biodegradable, and the perfect blend of all the materials used provides a soft, breathable, and comfortable feel with sweat-free and odor-fighting qualities.

To further live up to their vision of seeing everyone have abundant choices for sustainable products, they have expanded their products to T-shirts and bamboo straws.

Hemp and Bamboo clothing are among the best choices as gifts to your vegan friends.

14. Secura French Press Coffee Maker


Are you perhaps looking for a vegan-friendly gift idea for someone who is a coffee lover?

Secura French press coffee maker will be perfect for them!

It is durably made with top-quality 18/10 stainless steel, both inside and out.

The Secura coffee maker can last a lifetime compared to other coffee makers, heat insulated, and has a capacity of 34oz/1000ML.

All of its parts are also dishwasher safe.

15. Food52 Garden Jar Herb Kit


This will be perfect for your vegan friends who love to cook using fresh herbs. 

This self-watering jar has enough size to grow your herbs until it is ready for plucking and will save herbs from just rotting away.

Also, who wouldn’t love the smell of fresh herbs in your kitchen?

With this garden jar, you can turn your kitchen into a mini garden and fill it with the scent of fragrant herbs.

You can choose from six herbs to include upon purchasing your garden jar.

16. Vegan-Friendly Cutting Board by Royal Craft Wood


Another Bamboo-made product that will bring delight to vegans is this cutting board by Royal Craft Wood.

It is more innovative than most cutting boards with a multifunctional double-sided design.

Using Bamboo as a material made the cutting board extremely durable with flexible qualities.

The nonporous structure of the cutting board absorbs less liquid, keeping the surface smooth and resistant to splinters, cracks, and peeling.

We have a long list of products made of Bamboo that you should check out for more vegan gift ideas made of bamboo.

17. No Tox Life Vegan Zero Waste Dish Soap


After a nice dinner, cleaning the dishes with this specially-made dish soap will complete the night of your vegan friends.

No Tox Life vegan dish soap is ethically handmade with organic and sustainable materials.

It is palm oil-free and cruelty-free.

It is very effective in removing all kinds of stains, from laundry to carpet materials.

Moreover, the packaging is 100% plastic-free.

Make sure to check out our complete list of eco-friendly cleaning products if you want to see vegan cleaning products.

18. ENEY Natural Kitchen Washing Loofah


An eco-friendly dish soap needs to be partnered with an eco-friendly sponge.

That is why we added ENEY kitchen washing loofah to the list.

ENEY kitchen washing loofah is natural, sustainable, unbleached, and cruelty-free.

Moreover, a single loofah can last for six to eight weeks of continuous usage. (great money-saver!)

The product and its packaging are biodegradable, compostable, and plastic-free.

19. Hello Nature Plant-Based Kitchen Scrubs Set


The set of natural and eco-friendly cleaning scrubs includes a loofah sponge, a pot brush, a dish brush, and a bottle brush.

The materials used to manufacture these products are ethically and sustainably sourced like Coconut husks, Sisal, Bamboo wood, and natural Loofah.

All of the items are plant-based, natural, and plastic-free.

20. Ibambo Biodegradable Bamboo Utensil Set


This eco-friendly utensil set is another great gift idea for vegans.

And while eco-friendly utensils come in different forms, we chose a plant-based utensil made with Bamboo for our vegan friends.

And when it comes to bamboo-made utensils, Ibambo is one of the most popular options among eco-conscious consumers.

Bamboo, as a material, is very sustainable as it is easy to grow, and a single piece of it can already amount to hundreds of products.

Final Thoughts

Shifting to a vegan lifestyle can be made easier with the help of eco-friendly and vegan products.

By sharing and discovering new products that have less impact on the environment, our desire to help save the environment will multiply.

And while it can be tricky to find the best gifts for vegans, we hope this list has given you some great options.


What can I give a vegan friend?

Anything without any trace of animals in it can be considered vegan. However, take note that not all vegan products are eco-friendly. There are some vegan products (like vegan leather) made with plastic and this is a fact that you have to consider if you want to reduce the environmental impacts of your gifts.

Are there vegan levels?

Yes, there are. Levels vary on how they practice being vegan in their everyday lives. There are five levels of being vegan, from level 1 (the ones that turned vegan because of dietary benefits) up to level 5 who are considered extreme vegans that follow veganism from head to toe and avoid all animals and animal-derived products of all kinds.

Is it possible to be 100% vegan?

According to research, you can’t be 100% vegan even if you’re practicing a plant-based diet. Plants get their nutrients from the soil, partly composed of animal waste and decay. However, this is where there is a misconception about veganism. The idea behind veganism is mainly about the avoidance and prevention of animal cruelty and maltreatment.

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