10 Best Zero Waste Pet Products

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You might be thinking: “Do I really need zero waste pet products?”

Well, pets are part of our family and they are our responsibility.

Hence, it only make sense to involve them in our zero waste lifestyle.

We shouldn’t spoil our pets so much because like them, our planet needs our love and care too.

So today, we will share 10 of the best zero waste pet products that will take good care of your fur babies and mother Earth.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Ethique Zero Waste Shampooch Dog Shampoo Bar


  • Made with ground Oatmeal, Tea tree oil, Coconut oil, Neem Oil
  • Compostable packaging, Carbon neutral product
  • Cruelty-free, certified vegan, palm oil-free
  • One tree planted, 2750 mL of water, and 3 x 350 mL of plastic bottles saved per order
  • $11.90

Ethique brand has been known for its eco-friendly products and they have one of the best zero waste pet shampoos.

Ethique’s dog shampoo bar is formulated to leave your dog’s fur clean and soft. It is designed for the most delicate dog skin.

This easy-to-use solid shampoo bar can also be used in other animals like horses and cats. It is still made technically for dogs; this bar doesn’t contain essential oils, is scent-free, and is gentle enough for your cats.

The company has always been on an intense mission of promoting sustainability and ethically sourced products.

To this day, they have saved the planet from 5 million plastic bottles.

2. EcoBark Zero Waste Dog Leash


  • Made with recycled plastic bottles
  • Soft, durable, eco-friendly leash strap
  • The company is involved with community operations like cleanup drives and charities.
  • $12.99

EcoBark is a sustainable pet products company that strives to be the world’s first pet supply company to measure success by reducing its carbon pawprint.

They do these not just by creating eco-friendly products but also by participating in beach cleanups and donating to local shelters.

EcoBark’s dog leashes are durably made with recycled plastic bottles, double-stitched around a reinforced metal anchor for a more secure attachment.

It also has a thick padded comfort grip handle great for training new puppies or hard-to-handle older pets. The leash comes in ten colors and patterns.

EcoBark also sells a harness that will compliment this leash. However, both are sold separately.

3. OhmBox Stainless Steel Litter Box by Ohm Earth


  • Stainless steel
  • Odor, stain, and rust-resistant
  • Sustainability claims it can last forever
  • $54.95

A stainless steel product, the OhmBox litter box, will be used by your pets and future pets.

Litter boxes are usually for cats, as their poops are smellier than dog poops.

The OhmBox stainless steel litter box has no odor absorption and is easy to clean, so cat poop will not be a problem.

It is large for a single cat and can accommodate a multi-number of kittens. It also has padded feet to protect your floors from scratches.

It is effortless to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria—a natural characteristic of stainless steel materials.

Needless to say, this zero waste cat products is a must if you have a kitty in your home.

4. HempAlta Pets Premium Organic Hemp Cat litter


  • Made from 100% renewable, eco-friendly premium organic Canadian Hemp fiber
  • Ingredients are flushable and biodegradable with no fillers and toxic clay
  • Unscented, chemical-free with no added dyes or perfumes
  • $21.65

While most cat litters contain compounds that may be harmful to your cat and the environment, the HempAlta Pets cat litter is made with 100% renewable Canadian-grown hemp.

Hemp is a sustainable resources for various products.

The organic ingredients used to create this product are flushable and biodegradable.

It has no fillers and toxic clay that may cause adverse health effects in cats.

It is five times more absorbent and seven times lighter than clay. Its natural deodorizing components eliminate the foul smell of cat poops which are a lot smellier than dog poop.

It is 99% dust-free, ensuring your cat’s respiratory relief and healthier life.

5. West Paw Zero Waste Dog Toy Flying Disc


  • Made with recycled plastic and eco-friendly zero waste Zogoflex
  • Easy to grasp durable dog chew toy disc
  • FDA-compliant pet toys
  • $17.95

Looking for zero waste dog toys?

West Paw Seaflex Sailz will be perfect for your dogs. It works like a frisbee but with a hole in the middle like a CD for easier handling.

Sailz is made with recycled ocean-bound plastic. Purchasing it will help clean up our seas.

It is BPA-free, Latex-free, and FDA compliant to ensure the safety of our pets if they decide to chew the toy. It is also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

It comes in different colors and is easy to spot if it gets too far or dark.

This zero waste dog toy is perfect for catching, gnawing, and fetching.

6. WizSmart Zero Waste Dog Pads


  • Made from bioplastic from sugarcane, recycled unused baby diapers, and eco-friendly materials
  • Can hold 8 cups of liquid
  • Quickly absorbs urine and trap unwanted odors
  • $27.99

If your baby wear eco-friendly diapers, so should your pets.

WizSmart’s premium dog pads are created with sugar cane bioplastic and recycled unused baby diapers. It can hold up to eight cups of liquid.

Maybe you think it can hold your pet’s urine, but it will not get rid of the smell.

It is not a problem with WizSmart’s dog pads because it quickly absorbs your pet’s urine and traps any foul odor.

The presence of bioplastic is in the product itself and the packaging. The company uses bioplastic to help save fossil energy resources that are non-renewable.

WizSmart saves 240 million unused diapers from going into landfills.

Turning it into a pad with diaper qualities and eco-friendly materials will help reduce our overall carbon footprint.

As you can guess, this dog pads is one of our favorite zero waste pet products in the market.

7. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Food Bowl


  • Made with stainless steel with rubber base
  • Rust-resistant and doesn’t hold odors
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • $16.71

You’d probably say that these are just food bowls, but to be honest, this is the most sustainable among the list.

Why? If we are talking about sustainability and zero-waste, this is the only product on the list that can last a lifetime.

Stainless steel food bowls are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, rust-free, and don’t hold odors. The rubber on the bottom of each bowl prevents the food bowls from scratching your floors.

Amazon Basics stainless steel food bowls are the most popular option on Amazon.

8. Doggy Do Good Certified Compostable Pet Waste Bags


  • 38% vegetable-based, polyethylene-free poop bags
  • Certified HOME compostable by OK Compost & TUV AUSTRIA, and the Biodegradable Products Institute in Canada
  • Extra-thick and leak proof
  • $8.99

Doggy Do Good compostable pe waste bags are perfect for picking up your pet’s poop, especially indoors.

Poop is a natural fertilizer, and disposing of it using a compostable poop bag will be the best option for our environment. Responsible disposal will still play a big part.

It will break down entirely in a properly managed compost bin.

Doggy Do Good Certified Home Compostable Premium Pet Waste Bags are 38% vegetable-based, partly from cornstarch and other bio-based components.

It is certified compostable by OK Compost & TUV AUSTRIA and Biodegradable Products Institute located in Canada.

It is extra thick and leak-proof, keeping the odor inside.

Doggy Do Good is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating a portion of their profit to Animal Welfare Organizations and Non-Profits.

9. WAUDOG Re-Cotton Dog Collar


  • Made with recycled cotton
  • Digital ID tag with mobile application
  • Extremely durable, soft, and flexible
  • $14.95

WAUDOG’s re-cotton collection is made with recycled cotton. An instant carbon pawprint reduction at every purchase of this product.

Cotton production can waste a lot of water, and continued cotton harvesting will contaminate our water reserve slowly but surely.

WAUDOG’s dog collar preserves natural resources by using recycled cotton. The material is durable, soft, flexible, and hypoallergenic.

It is pretty high-tech for a dog collar. WAUDOG’s collar has a Smart ID tag with a unique QR code and a free multifunctional app for an easy-find if your dog gets lost.

Cleaning the collar is very easy. Just drop it in the washing machine because WAUDOG’s re-cotton collar can handle washing machines very well.

10. The Wolf Nest Dog Bed


  • Made with natural deadstock fabrics and sustainable dyes
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial
  • Every order supports a furry in need
  • $95-$320

Enjoying the comfort of your eco-friendly bedding at home?

So should your dog.

The Wolf Nest Dog Bed may look like a regular pillow but your dog will absolutely love it.

Why? Because it’s so comfy even the owners might want a piece of it.

It is made with natural deadstock fabrics that can maintain its fluffiness for a decade.

The covers are machine washable, but they don’t recommend washing the inserts.

With its hypoallergenic memory foam and calming lavender scent, you and your pets will have the most relaxing sleep.

It will always be like a dream resting at the comfort of The Wolf Nest pillow beds.

Final Thoughts

While loving our pets is not a bad thing, it shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet.

Having a pet in our homes requires a profound responsibility, especially sustainability.

And with this list of zero waste pet products, you hope you can raise your fur babies more responsibly and sustainably.


Is it sustainable to have pets?

Having pets have may be complicated and unsustainable for a few reasons.

Most products available for our pets contain toxic chemicals and plastic. Meat-based pet food consumes a lot of land area, water, and energy sources and has enormous impacts on the environment.

Pet wastes left on the ground without a proper composting environment will cause contamination. Irresponsible disposal using non-biodegradable plastic that will end up in landfills will produce emissions.

We risk sustainability by having pets, but we will be fine if we know how to care for our pets eco-consciously and practice zero-waste pet parenting.

How can I be more eco-friendly with my pets?

Aside from purchasing eco-friendly zero-waste products, always make sure that they practice eco-friendly habits. Your pets can’t do this on their own.

Watch what they eat and make sure that it is healthy and eco-friendly. Always clean your pet’s poop in compliance with eco-friendly protocols to avoid further contamination and other harmful effects. Composting it will be a good idea.

Be a responsible and eco-conscious pet parent. You’ll know what to do.

How do I feed my pets in an eco-friendly way?

The best way to feed your pet in an eco-friendly way is to prepare their food independently. Meat-based pet food can release potentially 64 million tons of carbon dioxide.

There are eco-friendly pet foods that you can check online if you don’t have time to prepare food for your pets. It will still minimize our impact on the environment.

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