10 Best Eco-Friendly Utensils For Sustainable Dinners

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Eco-friendly utensils can provide a lot of benefits for you and the planet.

For starters, they are made with sustainable materials, guaranteed safe to use, and aids the current plastic problem of our lands and seas.

Moreover, there are a variety of high-quality eco-friendly utensils and cutleries to choose from.

So whether you prefer stainless steel, wood, bamboo, and other plant-based materials for a personal spoon or fork, you will have options.

Below are 10 of the best eco-friendly utensils that have very little impact on our environment.

And unlike other disposable utensils, we have picked the most sturdy ones that won’t break while you’re dining.

We picked these utensils with these criteria:

  • Materials used
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Reviews from users

Let’s check out the list.

1. Ecovita Compostable Cutlery Set


  • Eco-friendly cutlery made with non-GMO corn
  • BPI certified 100% compostable
  • BPA-free and tree-free
  • 380 pieces per pack (140 forks/120 spoons/120 knives)

Ecovita’s compostable cutlery is on the top of our list because it is good not only for personal use but also for parties and events.

It is also made with high standards and is very popular among conscious consumers trying to cut back in plastic.

All of its components, from production to the actual product, is done with mindfulness of the environment.

It is made with non-GMO corn-based material in an FDA-certified facility.

The corn is grown and harvested ethically.

This eco-friendly utensil set is also BPI-certified, which is a big deal.

BPI is North America’s leading certifier of compostable products and packaging and is one of the standards ensuring a product’s compliance with environmental protocols.

Ecovita’s compostable cutlery is designed to be long enough for firmer grip, non-toxic, very durable, and can take heat up to 212 °F.

The package includes a convenient tray for easy storage and display purposes – both are plastic-free.

2. Ibambo Biodegradable Bamboo Utensil Set


  • Made from sustainably sourced bamboo
  • BPA-free, ethically sourced, and compostable
  • 100% plastic-free, packaging included
  • 150 pieces per set (50 forks/25 spoons/25 knives)

Ibambo’s cutelry set, as the name suggests, are made from natural bamboo.

Many people love this eco-friendly utensil set and is one of the best bamboo cutlery sets in the market.

Using bamboo as a material lessens the usage of uncertified woods that can lead to deforestation.

Bamboo is easy to grow, and we have many bamboo sources.

A single mature bamboo piece can produce hundreds to a thousand of these utensils.

This product’s sustainability is very admirable: from being biodegradable, ethically sourced, tree-free, plastic-free, and reusable.

The package contains 100 pieces of utensils, all plastic-free.

3. Topbooc Portable Stainless Steel Flatware Set


  • Made of by high-quality, food grade stainless steel
  • Travel case included
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • 8-piece portable utensils set

Topbooc’s portable utensil set is made with high-quality, food grade stainless steel.

The set includes a dinner knife, dinner spoon, dinner fork, chopsticks ,cleaning brush, and reusable straws.

It also comes with a lightweight travel organizer bag.

This eco-friendly utensil set is perfect for work, school, camping, and travels.

4. EarthClusive Compostable Wooden Cutlery Set


  • Made from FSC certified natural Birchwood
  • FDA registered, BPA-free, and GMO-free
  • One hungry American Fed and 3 trees planted for a single purchase
  • 300 pieces per pack (150 forks/100 spoons/50 knives)

EarthClusive’s founder believes that:

“No one should choose between what works and what’s good for you and Earth.”

EarthClusive products are made exclusively for you and our planet’s wellness.

The material used to create this eco-friendly utensil set is 100% natural Birchwood.

It is fully compostable to the point that you can throw it at any healthy soil and it will naturally return to Earth within a couple of weeks.

Earthclusive is generous enough to craft the utensils extra-thick to maximize durability and keep away from snapping or breaking.

The knife is sharp enough to cut through bread and meat.

Moreover, EarthClusive also supports humanitarian and environmental charities.

5. Compostables Plant-based Cutlery Set


  • Made from non-GMO cornstarch
  • BPI-certified, TUV-certified, and BPA-free 
  • Heat resistant, dishwasher safe, sturdy, and durable
  • 300 pieces per pack (100 forks/100 spoons/100 knives)

These premium quality utensils are made from a plant-based renewable source.

They are made with non-GMO corn starch.

They are BPI and TUV certified, reusable, stain-resistant, and dishwasher safe.

More importantly, these utensils are incredibly sturdy which will make dining easy regardless of dense foods, hot soups, or cold desserts.

And what we love about the eco-friendly cutlery from Compostables?

They can be mixed with your food scraps and composted on your own once they’re past usability.

Each set also comes with a convenient tray to keep the utensils organized and easy to store.

6. Go Go Green Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery Set


  • Made from natural Birchwood
  • FDA approved, BPA-free, non-toxic utensils
  • Zero plastic, compostable, and recyclable 
  • 300 pieces per pack (120 forks/90 spoons/90 knives)
source: rueempire.com

The Go-Go Green wooden cutlery set is eco-friendly, durable and easy to use.

These utensils are made of natural Birchwood, 100% biodegradable, BPA-free, chemical-free, and plastic-free. 

Its durability has been proven and tested and it can bend like plastic utensils without breaking.

It has the reliability of silverware with biodegradable and compostable aspects.

Go-Go Green’s eco-friendly cutlery set also uses plastic-free packaging, keeping eco-friendliness from the inside out.

7. Lnrkai Reusable Travel Utensil Set


  • Made of wheat straw starch + food-safe polypropylene
  • Non-toxic and reusable utensils
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Four sets of spoon, fork, and knife

This product is the first of two items on this list that are not disposable.

That doesn’t mean that the Lnrkai travel utensil set is not eco-friendly.

It is a reusable product that keeps it away from becoming a trash that ends up in landfills. 

Wheat straw starch is used to create this product with food-safe polypropylene. 

Polypropylene is non-toxic, biodegradable and has a lighter carbon footprint than other plastic-made products.

Though some may think it is still not completely sustainable, the product is reusable and durable for a long-term use.

It is microwave and dishwasher safe, too!

The package includes four sets of spoon, fork, and a knife in different colors and comes with a case for easy traveling.

8. Knork Eco Astrik Plant-Based Utensil Set


  • Plant-based made with bamboo and sugar cane
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Features an innovative ergonomic design
  • Three pairs of spoon and fork per pack

Knork utensils are made with bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch.

Moreover, they are non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, Prop 65 and FDA compliant.

Knork’s reusable utensils features clever design that makes cutting through food effortless with one hand. 

This makes them one of the best eco-friendly utensils for kids.

The package doesn’t include knives, only three spoons, and forks in different colors.

They are reusable and dishwasher safe.

9. Mozaik Plant-Based Compostable Cutlery Set


  • Made from plant-based renewable source
  • 100% compostable, BPI certified, and TUV Austria industrial certified recyclable
  • Durable and heat resistant
  • 80 pieces per pack (40 forks/20 knives/20 spoons)
source: pinterest.ca

Though Mozaik only offers 80 pieces of utensils per pack, it has a lower price than other products on this list, making it one of the most affordable eco-friendly utensil sets.

These utensils are made from plant-based renewable source.

They are BPI and TUV Austria industrial certified and 100% compostable.

They’re strong enough to cut through thick meats yet delicate enough for cakes.

In terms of longevity, these sustainable utensils can take up to 275 °F.

They are also is neutrally colored to match any events, formal or casual.

10. TREEATERY Compostable Utensil & Cutlery Set


  • Made with sustainably sourced corn
  • BPI certified and non-toxic utensils
  • Plant with every box campaign
  • 380 pieces per set (180 forks/100 spoons/100 knives)

All of the TREEATERY compostable cutlery are plastic-free, which is a significant indicator of being eco-friendly.

Their products are made with all-natural, plant-based, renewably sourced corn.

Like the other eco-friendly utensils on this list, they are also BPI certified 100% compostable, non-toxic, and BPA-free.

Moreover, they’re very durable, made to endure high temperatures, and can cut through food effortlessly.

These utensils are also reusable and washable.

And guess what?

TREEATERY pledges to Plant 1 Tree in the deforested areas of the USA and Canada for every box of eco friendly utensils purchased.

So buying these eco-friendly utensils will not only reduce waste from single-use plastic but also helps aid deforestation.

The package contains 380 pieces of utensils, enough to be used for large gatherings such as eco-friendly wedding, parties, and birthdays.

Final Thoughts

Eco-friendly utensils are hands down better options than using the ones made of single-use plastic.

They are more sustainable, less wasteful, and have lower negative impact on our environment.

And we hope that through this article, we gave you more than enough choices to have a more eco-friendly kitchen.

We already made too much damage on our planet and if we want to save this planet for the future generation, should start acting now.

By choosing to shop eco-friendly utensils over the conventional plastic ones, you are already helping in simple ways.

And if we can start with ourselves, we can inspire others to do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eco-friendly utensils?

Eco-friendly utensils are spoon, forks, bread knife, and other cutlery made without plastic. Some of the best eco-friendly utensils are derived from bamboo, wood, corn, starch, and other natural, compostable, and renewable materials.

Are bamboo utensils eco-friendly?

Utensils and cutlery made from bamboo are eco-friendly for a couple of reasons. For starters, bamboo is a highly renewable material, sustainable, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and compostable.

Are there biodegradable utensils?

Yes. Most of the eco-friendly utensils we featured on this list are biodegradable and compostable.

Are stainless steel utensils eco friendly?

Cutlery and utensils made from stainless steel are no doubt eco-friendly and more sustainable than plastics. Stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable and more than half of all the stainless steel products we use to date are sourced from recycled scrap materials.

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