Green Parenting Tips from Families living the Green Lifestyle

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Raising kids as an eco-conscious parent can be a challenge.

For starters, we can only imagine your struggles trying to find the best (and the safest) children products that are least harmful to the planet.

Fortunately, there are many parents who found the perfect balance between good parenting and sustainable living, many of them you probably already heard of.

So we’ve contacted quite a number of parents living the Green Lifestyle to answer this simple question:

“What is your best pro tip to help parents make eco-conscious choices in raising their kids?”

Much to our delight, many green parenting experts are eager to help (despite their busy schedules) and we managed to come up with a list of the most fantastic eco-friendly parenting advice.

So without further ado, here are some of the best green parenting tips from well-known eco-moms and eco-dads worldwide…

1. Learn to make DIY baby essentials

“Lots of baby things can be made by yourself. When this is possible, it is a very eco-friendly and healthy choice because you will then know exactly what is in the recipes. Or if it is an upcycle project, you will be able to reuse something and save yourself money all at the same time.”
Scarlet Paolicchi
Author | Consultant | Eco-mom
Follow Scarlet: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | Instagram

Scarlet Paolicchi is the founder of the Family Focus Blog where she shares tips for better family life, parenting, family fun activities, eco-friendly lifestyle, family food ideas, family travel, and home decor. 

Family Focus Blog was #3 on Cision’s 2014 Top 50 U.S. Mom Bloggers List.

Scarlet has also been interviewed by sites like and

Meanwhile, her parenting tips and work have been cited by Country Living, Money, Shape Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, and more.

She is also the author of three books for effective parenting tips and guides.

2. Find means to make your kids appreciate nature

“Take away the cell phones, the iPads and any kind of screen. Throw yourselves into nature and aim for boredom. Your child will learn how to crack through it. And there will be the most magical moments.”
Karin Kloosterman
Environmental Activist | Journalist | Eco-mom
Follow Karin: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Karin is an environmental activist from Canada, biologist, journalist, tech entrepreneur, and the founder of the Green Prophet Blog.

Her work and commentary has appeared on major international media like Bloomberg, CNN, and Discovery Channel; her blog readers include members of the UN, venture capitalists, big media, change makers, movers and shakers in the energy business. 

The Green Prophet was founded to inspire individuals and companies to kickstart sustainability changes in the Middle East which include cleaner energy, sustainable travel, smart cities, and green innovation.

3. Embrace swapping kids’ clothes with friends

“Got a friend with a kid a year younger than yours? Pass your kids’ outgrown clothes to them. If friends with older kids want to pass their children’s clothes to you, then accept with glee. Passing on kids’ clothes in this circular manner reduces the number of new clothes that need to be bought, and reduces the number of old clothes being sent to landfills.”
Wendy Graham
Sustainability Expert | Fashion Activist | Eco-mom
Follow Wendy: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Wendy is a mother of two daughters, a sustainability expert, and the founder of UK-based eco-blog Moral Fibres.

She has a BSc in Environmental Geography, an MSc with distinction in Environmental Sustainability, and has experience working in the sustainability sector for 16 years.

Her blog Moral Fibres covers topics that aim to make sustainability lifestyle simple for average people.

She has also written a book on natural home cleaning and was featured in media sites like The Guardian.

4. Teach children at young age to repurpose rather than throw away

“Make your home default to be WHAT ELSE CAN THIS DO rather than WHERE TO THROW. Rubber bands from broccoli bunches can close up packages, popsicle sticks can be used in crafts or when planting the garden, and outgrown or outworn socks can be cut into rags.”
Jessica Claire Haney
Editor | Holistic Business Consultant | Eco-mom,
Follow Jessica: Twitter | Instagram

Jessica is a mother of two, writer, editor, writing coach, holistic business consultant, and the founder of Mindful Healthy Life, a resource site for natural-minded parents.

She is also the person behind Crunchy-Chewy Mama Blog and

Her work covers general parenting topics, health and wellness, and how to live an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Besides her TV and social appearances, Jessica’s work has also been published in recognized media sites like Healthy Women, Huffington Post, and Scary Mommy.

5. Make packed lunch for your family

“Make a habit of packing lunch (as well as breakfasts and snacks) for your family. This will help them avoid unhealthy foods that may contain chemical ingredients and are packaged into materials that may take hundreds of years (or more) to decompose.”
Blogger | Product Reviewer | Eco-mom
Follow Eva: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Eva is a product reviewer and the founder of the Smart Mommy Healthy Baby Blog. 

Smart Mommy Healthy Baby provides good resources for parents, moms, and pregnant women searching for eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic, and organic products for their kids and their family.

Eva started her green living journey about 15 years ago during her pregnancy when she was looking for the best stretch mark cream and foot lotion.

However, she found out that most personal care products contain harmful ingredients and unsustainable materials.

It was then when Eva decided to adopt a natural and green lifestyle for the safety of her family and the protection of the planet, and she never looked back.

6. Teach kids about non-toxic home cleaning products

“Most of us clean our houses with the products that we remember from childhood – if it was good enough for mom, it’s good enough for us. Unfortunately, many chemicals in commercial cleaning products have been linked to serious illnesses and pollution. Simple, chemical-free formulas like baking soda or vinegar work great and can clean your house for pennies!”
Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff
Environmental Activist | Former Journalist | Eco-mom
Follow Rachel: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Rachel is a mother of three, an environmental activist, former journalist, co-founder of the sustainable beauty and fashion site EcoStiletto, and the founder of Mommy Greenest Blog.

Mommy Greenest Blog serves as a useful resource for anyone who wants to have a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

She is also the author of the ebook The Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond and was the Executive Director of the nonprofits The 5 Gyres Institute and Healthy Child Healthy World.

Rachel appeared as a sustainable lifestyle expert on The TODAY Show, CNN Headline News, and on TEDx talks.

7. Show your kids the “basics” of green living

“While recycling paper, glass, and plastic are the most popular choices, you can also show your kids why simple things like using less water, eating sustainable foods, growing your own vegetables, using electricity-saving light bulbs, or walking and cycling instead of travelling by car are excellent eco-friendly options to reduce your eco footprint.”
Lyne Proulx
Blogger | Parenting Consultant | Eco-Mom
Follow Lyne: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Lyne is well-recognized amongst the eco-friendly communities in Canada.

She loves all things Disney, an avid herbal tea drinker, a chocoholic, and the founder of the Ottawa Mommy Club.

The Ottawa Mommy Club (OMC) was created by moms for moms in May 2011.

OMC serves as an informative website on parenting, healthy recipes, wellness, family related issues, product reviews, and more!

8. Raise kids that understand the deeper impact of everyday choices

“Take time to explain to your kids why you do things the way that you do them (eg. recycling trash). Once they’re in the groove, they’ll start pointing out better, more conscientious ways to do things that you hadn’t considered before – and it will make your day!”
Sam Stedman
CEO | Entrepreneur | Eco-dad
Follow Sam: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Sam is the CEO and President of EcoParent, a quarterly magazine for families looking for healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices.

The EcoParent is a green parenting magazine that easily connects to the eco-savvy as well as to individuals who are new to sustainable and green living.

The EcoParent have been publishing the best in green parenting tips and content – in PRINT – for ten years.

As an organization, EcoParent strives to provide eco-conscious parents with resources to make responsible, ethical, and attainable sustainable lifestyle choices.

9. Prepare snack packs for kids

You can: boil a dozen eggs, buy a big box of crackers and prepare them into individual portions using silicone bags, or cut up fruits and store them in glass containers in the fridge. This is a much greener (and cheaper) alternative than your kids (and family members) grabbing food wrapped in single-use, non-recyclable packaging every time they want a snack.”
Stephanie Seferian
Podcaster | Teacher | Eco-mom
Follow Stephanie: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Stephanie is a mother of two, a full-time podcaster, wife, English Literature teacher, and the founder of the Mama Minimalists Blog.

She is on a mission to simplify eco-friendly living and help women create eco-friendly, minimalist homes.

Stephanie enjoys the outdoors but whenever the weather gets chilly, she wouldn’t mind knitting a pair of socks on her sofa. 

This eco-mom is also both the host of The Sustainable Minimalists podcast and author of the non-fiction book, Sustainable Minimalism.

10. Signup to various eco-friendly living awareness campaigns

“Sign up to awareness campaigns like the Zero Waste Week every September. You’ll learn simple ways on how to reduce waste, reuse more, and recycle like a pro so that you can save money, preserve resources and protect the planet. Knowledge which you can then impart to your kids.”
Rachelle Strauss
Sustainability Expert | Consultant | Eco-mom
Follow Rachelle: Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Rachelle is well-recognized personality among sustainable living communities within the UK and all over the world.

She is the founder of the worldwide movement Zero Waste Week – a national awareness campaign for people looking for ideas on going zero waste and for zero waste brands to advertise their credentials.

Rachel is also the founder of My Zero Waste, a blog about how she and her family, using simple ideas and available resources, eventually accumulated just 1 bin of trash in a year!

She is also one of the main personalities behind the Little Green Blog which educates householders, businesses, organizations, community groups and schools on how to easily and effectively reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and be more healthy.

Rachelle has appeared in the National Geographic Documentary Naked Science Series: Surviving Nature’s Fury and the movie TRASHED.

11. Teach kids how to grow plants from kitchen scraps

“You can regrow entire vegetables from the cut-offs you’d usually throw away. The easiest scraps to regrow are celery base (bottom 3 inches), white part of the green onion, a slice of tomato with seeds in, a potato or yam that’s started to sprout, the top inch of a carrot, and dried (or uncooked) corn kernels.”
James Smith
Blogger | Social Media Specialist | Eco-dad
Follow James: Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

James is a dad, blogger, Huffington Post contributor, and a Social Media Specialist based in Vancouver, BC.

He is the founder of the SocialDad Blog where he shares various green parenting and dad tips to his thousands of followers.

James is also a keen photographer, camper, a car-lover, and has his own parenting podcast on Spotify.

12. Host a toy swap with friends or neighbors

“Not only does this introduce NEW toys to your kids, but it can also help cut down on clutter, save money, build community, and reduce waste! The toy swap can be as casual or elaborate as you want – it’s totally up to you!”
Laura Durenberger
Podcaster | Minimalist | Eco-mom
Follow Laura: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Laura describes herself as an anxious eco-minimalist mom.

She is the eco-mom behind the Reduce, Reuse, Renew Blog where she shares practical tips on how average people can have a minimalist and low waste lifestyle. 

Laura is also the host of Raising Eco Minimalists, a podcast for parents on how to raise kids who care about the wellbeing of their mind, body, community, and the planet.

13. Buy preloved for your kids

“There is so much kid stuff out there already that there really is no reason to buy new. You can save a ton of money if you buy the furniture for the nursery preloved and there is more than enough choice in clothes, toys and even books.”
Tessa van der Heide
Green Living Expert | Blogger | Eco-mom
Follow Tessa: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Tessa is the founder of the Awkward Duckling Blog where she writes mostly about green and healthy lifestyle. 

For a number of years, Tessa has been actively trying to make her life greener and more sustainable.

With the arrival of her children, she became even more obsessed with a healthy and green lifestyle. 

Her blog, Awkward Duckling, shows people that sustainable and conscious living does not have to be difficult (or inconvenient), and that going green is for everyone.

14. Limit the processed foods your kids eat

“Most snacks marketed towards children contain no nutritional value and have excessive packaging. Feed your kids homemade meals with food you sourced plastic-free from the farmers market or bulk bins. You’ll not only reduce the amount of plastic waste, but also the amount of potential pesticides and additives your little ones are ingesting.”
Ariana Palmieri
Author | Sustainable Living Expert | Blogger
Follow Ariana: Twitter | Facebook

Ariana Palmieri is the founder of Greenify Me, an informative blog dedicated to zero waste living and sustainability. 

Greenify Me serves as a resource place for people who want to learn about zero waste living online.

Ariana’s work has been featured by authorities in the eco-friendly community like Going Zero Waste, MindBodyGreen, Green Matters, and several other publications. 

She is also the author of the ebook “10 Ways to Reduce Trash” and is eager to help anyone looking to start a more sustainable lifestyle.

15. Be a good example to your little ones

“Children learn from watching you. So if you want your child to learn how to minimize their carbon footprint on the planet, teach them the basic 3 R’s of green living. Re-use. Recycle. Reduce.”
Pratibha P.
Blogger | Green Living Expert | Eco-mom
Follow Pratibha: Facebook | Instagram

Pratibha P is a work from home mom, a creative writer, an amateur photographer, and the owner of green living blog Prat Musings. 

Her quest for organic products and green living started in 2010 when she wanted to get the best products for her twin boys and the planet. 

Since then, her years have been spent on discovering eco-friendly products,.

Her years of experience in green living allowed her to find different methods to reduce carbon footprint and how live happier but simpler.

16. Say NO to expensive commercial baby soaps and products

“Especially in the first few weeks, a simple, natural bath soap is all your little angel needs and coconut oil for moisturizing. Always opt for natural, organic, fragrance-free, and non-toxic baby products as they are better for your baby and the environment.”
Lisa Gumpert
Author | Motherhood Consultant | Eco-mom
Follow Lisa: Facebook | Pinterest

Lisa is a mom of five and has spent the past 12 years of her life researching and testing the best foods for pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

She is also the founder of Birth Eat Love, a parenting blog dedicated to helping moms prepare for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.

Through Birth Eat Love, Lisa also shares some of the best tips and resources for eating healthy throughout motherhood.

She is also the author of the ebook “Healing Freezer Meals for Postpartum and Breastfeeding” and have a massive following on Pinterest.

17. Stick to basic necessities

“New parents are a big target for marketing, and businesses will try to convince you that you need all the cute (and costly) baby things, but you don’t! The necessities are pretty simple. Try bathing your kid with plain water, use kitchen utensils as kiddie toys, and get poop stains out by leaving fabric in direct sunlight!”
Rachel Maston
Blogger | Sustainability Expert | Eco-mom
Follow Rachel: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Rachel is a Lyme Disease warrior, kombucha craver, a super mom, and the founder of Hopeful Holistic Blog. 

Hopeful Holistic serves as a great resource for anyone who wants to live more naturally, reduce waste, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Through Hopeful Holistic, Rachel shares simple steps so anyone can pursue a healthy, natural, and thriving life.

18. Recycle children’s clothes between friends (or via thrift stores)

“My children and I go to thrift stores every quarter so I can stretch their clothing allowance. More importantly, it’s a good way for them to learn the value of recycling, stewarding money wisely, and the idea of donating their clothing to kids in need. If you don’t live close to children’s thrift stores, you can bring bins of your kids’ outgrown clothing to a friend’s house for trade.”
Ciara Myers
Blogger | Fashion Activist | Eco-mom
Follow Ciara: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Ciara is a writer, digital content creator, and the founder of the blog VeiledFree.

VeiledFree is an online journal dedicated to positive living and where Ciara shares life changing posts and tips about mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional health.

On VeiledFree, you will also find Ciara’s favorite nontoxic products, healthy recipes, book recommendations, and product reviews.

She also provide green parenting tips and have plenty of posts about her recommended eco-friendly and sustainable product brands, ethical and creative fashion choices, and natural lifestyle choices tips.

19. Use reusable baby wipes

“If switching to cloth nappies seems daunting and a large monetary investment, consider reusable baby wipes as a start. They save your baby’s bum from a lot of chemicals that are often found in disposable wipes and also save you money.”
Blogger | Green Living Expert | Eco-mom
Follow Valinda: Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest

Valinda is a work from home mom and the founder of Green and Happy Mom Blog and of the Green and Happy Shop.

Green and Happy Mom blog provides useful tips and guides for parents and individuals alike who are looking for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Through her blog, Valinda also shares her own experience and struggles with PPD (postpartum depression) and miscarriages.

Meanwhile, the Green and Happy Shop is where Valinda recommends sustainable and eco-friendly products.

20. Conduct a trash audit as a family

“Understanding your household waste is an entry point to many other parts of a sustainable lifestyle that suits your family best. Conducting trash audits may also lead to your family starting a compost or planting a kitchen garden, becoming better recyclers, or changing the way you shop at the grocery store!”
Sarah Robertson-Barnes
Author | Consultant | Eco-mom
Follow Sarah: Pinterest | Instagram

Sarah is an educator, writer, consultant, and the person behind the eco-friendly blog Sustainable In The Suburbs.

In her blog, Sarah shares various sustainable living tips that she and her family are doing every day.

She wants to inspire other parents to take action and make eco-friendly changes in their lives by providing simple tips and advice.

With Sustainable In The Suburbs, Sarah emphasizes that a sustainable lifestyle with kids is not only possible, but is critically important for both the future of the young generation and the planet.

Sarah has also been featured in Martha Stewart’s article “How to Raise Eco-Friendly Kids.”

21. Buy second-hand children toys

“If you’re looking to buy toys for your kids, always check the second-hand market first. By doing this, you’ll be saving things from going to the landfill and will save tons of money in the process! My favorite places to find second-hand toys are Facebook Marketplace, Buy Nothing groups, and thrift stores.”
Eva Astoul
Freelance Writer | Sustainability Expert | Blogger
Follow Eva: Facebook | Pinterest

Eva is a freelance writer from France and the founder of the Green With Less Blog.

She is very passionate about eco-friendly living and has been implementing sustainable practices in her day to day life.

Her love for the planet is evident when you take a look at the topics she writes on her blog which are all about sustainability, simple living, and growth-focused healthy lifestyles.

Green With Less contains tips and resources that will inspire you to live a more sustainable and minimalist life.

22. Do small (but meaningful) environmental service with kids

“Make an effort to teach your kids about keeping our environment free from litter. Take them on a walk once a week or once a month and do trash pick up together in your neighborhood or local park. This will teach them to be good stewards of the planet in the long run.”
Angelika Arroyo
Army Veteran | Blogger | Eco-mom
Follow Angelika: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Angelika is a military spouse, army veteran, a mom of two, and the founder of the Eco Mom Diaries Blog.

She also has a Masters of Arts degree in Health And Human Services and a huge passion for writing.

She uses her love for writing to share sustainable living advice, eco-friendly parenting tips, vegan recipes, and nontoxic product reviews on her blog.

Her blog Eco Mom Diaries is a good place to find ways to go plastic free and how to live a healthier, nontoxic, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

23. Raise nature-loving kids

“If you want to raise the next generation of eco-warriors, then you have to raise kids who love and appreciate the environment and the creatures in it. Take your kids for walks or hikes in nature. Take the time to spot bird nests or note the color-changing leaves in the fall. If your kids are raised learning to love nature, they are more likely to protect it when they grow up.”
Allison Tupling
Teacher | Blogger | Eco-mom
Follow Allison: Pinterest

Allison is a proud mama of two girls (Olivia and Penny), have a Master’s Degree in Education, and was a primary school teacher for 10 years.

She is also the founder of The Greenish Mama Blog where she shares her passion in minimalism and reducing trash and clutter for a happier lifestyle.

The Greenish Mama blog is also a good online resource for people wanting to start living with less plastic and synthetic chemicals.

It has tons of ideas on how you and your family can live more sustainably and create a lesser impact on the planet.

24. Plan ahead before shopping kid’s clothes

“Avoid panic shopping new items by thrifting your kid’s clothes one season ahead. If you plan ahead you should always be able to find what your children need used ,allowing you to avoid fast fashion.”
Chayce Morgan
Daycare Manager | Blogger | Eco-mom
Follow Chayce: Pinterest | Instagram

Chayce is a Canadian mother of two and runs an eco-friendly home daycare from Monday to Friday.

She is also the eco-mom behind the This Blemished Life Blog where she shares green parenting tips so families can live an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle while raising happy and healthy kids.

Chayce also loves experimenting in the kitchen with healthy plant-based food recipes that both adults and children can enjoy.

Go check them out!

25. Make the sustainable swap to wooden children toys

“Plastic toys have 25 times the carbon footprint, are not biodegradable, and leach toxins into our environment. So instead of plastic toys, buy heirloom quality, open-ended wooden toys that will grow with your child and can be handed down to the next generation.”
Christina Floyd
Sustainable Kids Toys Expert | Minimalist | Eco-mom
Follow Christina: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Christina is a mother of 5 kids, a kids toy blogger, and is the person behind The Baby Penguin Blog.

She has been a minimalist for most of her adult life.

Now, Christina uses her blog to educate and empower parents to make thoughtful and sustainable choices for their children. 

In The Baby Penguin, she mostly writes about sustainable toys, toy minimalism, and the mindset of quality over quantity in regards to children’s toys. 

She also curated some of the most sustainable toy lists in her blog.

Christina have a huge following on Instagram.

26. Buy (good quality) second-hand children stuffs

“Use secondhand shops and online selling sites to get second-hand toys and children’s clothes. Children outgrow clothes super fast and doing it this way has saved me hundreds, whilst allowing me to give my son good quality (and sometimes never worn) clothes. It’s also a superb way to reduce trash and conserve Earth’s resources!”
Rebecca Penk
Blogger | Animal Activist | Eco-mom
Follow Rebecca: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Rebecca is an eco-conscious and frugal mom, an Animal Behaviour graduate, and the person behind The Eco Friendly Way Blog.

Her love for animals was what brought her attention to the plastic problem that the world is currently facing, and it further fueled her passion to gain more knowledge about the climate crisis.

The Eco Friendly Way is where Rebecca shares different tips to live sustainably on a budget and show that living sustainably can be done no matter your income or background.

It is also one of Rebecca’s ways to help make the planet a better place for her son and for the future generations.

27. Teach kids about sustainable travel

“Educating children early on how they can travel sustainably is imperative in raising eco-conscious individuals. For example, when shopping for food while traveling, explore local markets and buy local products. Explain to your kids that local products are a better choice for the environment and it provides an opportunity to dive into the local culture and food traditions of your travel destinations.”
Alexandra Barrera
Entrepreneur | Sustainability Expert | Eco-mom
Follow Alexandra: Instagram

Alexandra is the Principal Consultant of the B The Impact startup.

Their goal is centered in helping companies and businesses solve sustainability challenges.

B The Impact provides necessary tools and expertise businesses needs to manage their social and environmental impacts. 

Another goal of B The Impact is educating average individuals about sustainability and social responsibility.

Alexandra and her team aims to make to empower people into engaging in necessary and tough conversations about social and environmental issues and inspiring them to do something, however big or small, to help.

28. Get children involved at a young age

“Teach your kids why it’s important for them to also live sustainably. We
started when our son was just a baby by reading books about sustainable
living to him. Now that he’s older, he’s actively involved in living a
more eco-friendly life by helping out in the garden, recycling, and
conserving resources. By getting kids started early, eco-friendly living
will become a natural part of life.”
Environmentalist | Green Living Expert | Eco-mom
Follow Kristen: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Kristen is an eco-warrior, an environmentalist, and the eco-mom behind the blog Earth Friendly Tips.

Ever since she was a young child, Kristen has always been concerned about green living.

Now that she’s a parent, she made it her mission to raise her son fully aware about the benefits and importance of living a more sustainable and zero waste life.

She is also on a mission to clarify the misconception that living a healthier and more natural life would be expensive and an inconvenience.

She uses her blog Earth Friendly Tips to show people that everyone can take small steps to help the planet, save money, and still enjoy their life to the fullest.

29. Learn how to source kids clothing sustainably and affordably

“You can: Ask family and friends for hand-me-downs, shop secondhand, or rent baby clothes. If secondhand options and rental/borrowing isn’t possible, there are a variety of eco-friendly baby and kids brands at a range of price points, depending on your budget.”
Elizabeth Joy
Writer | Content Creator | Sustainability Expert
Follow Kristen: Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Elizabeth is a sustainability expert, blogger, and an individual who’s passion is supporting movements towards a better future for fashion and a more sustainable world.

She is the founder of Conscious Life & Style, a blog that provides useful resources on eco-conscious lifestyle, responsible fashion, and solutions to various environmental issues and social inequities.

The Conscious Life & Style also dives deeper about the challenges of historically marginalized communities.

Elizabeth is also the host of Conscious Style Podcast and has tons of followers on Pinterest and Instagram.

30. Mend worn kids clothes and fix broken toys whenever possible

“Finding ways to extend the life of the children items can help you save money and it shows your children an alternative to throwing things away.”
Carly Hobbs
Blogger | Sustainability Expert | Eco-mom
Follow Kristen: Facebook | Pinterest

Carly is a working mother of two and the brilliant mind behind the sustainable parenting blog My Green Toddler.

She is passionate about reducing waste, second hand shopping and creating circular economies.

Carly believes that if we take the time to teach our children good habits and the importance of taking care of the planet, we as families can be the change that we wish to see in the world.

And through the My Green Toddler blog, Carly shares simple yet effective ideas on how to live a sustainable lifestyle while juggling family life.


What an amazing collection of green parenting tips and advice from the experts, right?

With these, we hope you now have plenty of ideas not only on how to provide a bright future for your children but also for a greener future for the planet.

Now, we want to turn it over to you.

What are your favorite green parenting tips on this list?

Which eco-parenting advice do you find most useful for your family?

Let us and the experts know in the comment section below.

And while you’re here, you can check out our zero waste tips for kids.

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