Top 13 Eco-Friendly Bedding For A Sustainable Bedroom

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Switching to eco-friendly bedding is a brilliant way to enjoy a sound sleep without feeling guilty for the planet.

Unlike typical bedsheets and mattresses, eco-friendly beddings are crafted from sustainable materials via environment-friendly production chains.

They are also free from allergens, toxins, and chemicals that can cause skin irritations or endanger your health.

But we know you only want the best for yourself and your family.

So of all the eco-friendly bedding brands out there, which ones are proven and tested by other eco-conscious homeowners?

Now, we want to give you as many options as possible.

But after doing thorough research on different bedding brands that claim to be eco-friendly and sustainable…

Below are Ecotero’s top 13 picks for the best eco-friendly bedding based on:

  • material eco-friendliness
  • production sustainability
  • comfort and safety
  • overall value for money

Take your pick.

1. Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Bedding


  • Made from organic cotton fibers
  • GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified beddings
  • Free from harmful toxins and chemicals

Say goodbye to typical beddings made with unsustainable cotton fabric and manufactured with toxic chemicals.

With Sleep Mantra bedding, you can embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, starting with your bedroom sheets and mattresses.

Sleep Mantra’s eco-friendly beddings are made consciously from GOTS-certified naturally grown organic cotton fibers.

And there’s more!

They are also certified by OEKO-TEX to be free from harmful toxins and chemicals. 

OEKO-TEX is an internationally trusted name when it comes to testing textiles for harmful substances.

Meanwhile, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a textile production certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes, and other chemicals. (see references below)

Sleep Mantra’s environment-friendly sheets are also treated with low-impact natural dyes and shipped in eco-friendly packaging.

Another thing we love about Sleep Mantra?

They have a great collection of affordable eco-friendly bedding options to choose from.

2. Under the Canopy Eco-Friendly Bedding


  • Made with GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Other materials are certified by OEKO-TEX 
  • Free from pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals

Under the Canopy sells some of the best eco-friendly duvets and sheets made of 100% certified organic cotton.

They feature a brushed percale texture that provides comfy and eco-friendly sleeping goodness.

Moreover, Under the Canopy uses GOTS-certified materials and sticks to rigorous guidelines for environmental sustainability, quality, and safe production.

The organic cotton fabric they use is non-GMO, pesticide-free, and contains no harsh chemicals, toxins, or heavy metals.

Hence, an Under the Canopy bedding is better for you, your family, and the planet.

3. Pact Eco-Friendly Cotton Comforters


  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • Crafted in GOTS and Fair Trade certified facilities
  • Produced using up to 81% less water

Pact eco-friendly comforters are certified organic by GOTS.

They are crafted from 100% organic cotton produced with minimal impact on the health of soils, ecosystems, and people.

Producing these organic cotton comforters also helps conserve water as they use up to 81% less water than the ones made with conventional cotton.

Pact is also a Fair Trade certified business.

They uphold strict policies to ensure safe working conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and empower and uplift communities.

Besides eco-friendly bedding, Pact also sells some of the best eco-friendly bath towels and sustainable children’s clothing.

4. Delilah Home Sustainable Bed Sheets


  • GOTS certified organic hemp and cotton fabric
  • Certified vegan and organic bedding
  • Made in Fair Trade facilities

Delilah Home’s eco-friendly bedding sets are crafted using sustainable hemp and organic cotton fabrics.

They are also certified vegan and are ethically and responsibly made in a family-run factory.

These eco-friendly bedding options will give you a super soft and cozy bed while being gentle on the planet.

They are also free of allergens and chemicals that can irritate your skin.

And guess what?

Delilah Home also donates 10% of its profits to support eco-friendly charities worldwide.

5. Great Earth’s Eco-Comforter


  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Vegan and quilted eco-friendly comforter
  • OEKO-TEX certified materials

Great Earth has one of the best eco-friendly comforters in the market.

To produce their comforters, no trees need to be cut down, no water-thirsty crop needs to be grown, and no animals used for down feathers. 

Great Earth’s eco-comforter is crafted from recycled plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended in the ocean, landfills, or incinerators.

Hence, you will not only be sleeping in an eco-friendly bed, but you’re also helping save and protect the ocean.

But is it comfortable?

Great Earth’s eco-comforter effectively wicks moisture away, eliminates odor, and preserves your body temperature.

It is also vegan, OEKO-TEX certified, and shipped in non-plastic packaging.

6. ATLINIA Pure Hemp Bed Sheets


  • Made of pure hemp fabric
  • Hypoallergenic and free from toxic chemicals
  • Prewashed eco-friendly hemp bedding sets

ATLINIA is a newer home products brand but made our list anyways because of the materials they use on their bedding.

The company has a great collection of eco-friendly bedding sets crafted from natural hemp fabric.

As you may already know, products made of hemp are more eco-friendly and sustainable (in general) compared to cotton or polyester counterparts.

Moreover, hemp is breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable, making hemp bedding suitable all year round.

ATLINIA hemp bedding is also prewashed, so you don’t have to worry about stretching or shrinking later.

7. Coyuchi Organic Bed Sheets


  • Made from long-staple organic cotton
  • Free of chemicals and toxins
  • GOTS and Fair Trade certified bedding

Coyuchi bedding and sheets are made from long-staple organic cotton fabric.

The company exclusively uses organic cotton that’s sustainably grown and ethically woven in India. 

Coyuchi’s organic cotton bedding is also GOTS, and Fair Trade certified.

They’re free of chemicals and toxins that can endanger you, the animals, and the environment.

Moreover, Coyuchi bedding is comfortable in any climate and highly resistant to pilling.

They are also MADE SAFE certified.

MADE SAFE is America’s first nontoxic seal that guarantees a product is made with safe ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health.

8. PURE BAMBOO Sustainable Bamboo Bedding


  • 100% organic bamboo sheets
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified bedding
  • Double-stitched seams for extra durability

Pure Bamboo’s eco-friendly bed sheets are crafted from ethically sourced organic bamboo.

Bamboo fabrics are certainly more sustainable than cotton.

They are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and have been tested free from 100+ harmful substances and chemicals.

Moreover, Pure Bamboo sheets are naturally thermo-regulating to keep you cool and relaxed all year. 

They also feature double-stitched seams, making them extra durable, long-lasting, and super value for money.

9. Avocado Organic Bedding & Mattresses


  • Crafted from eco-friendly fabrics
  • GOTS certified organic materials
  • Vegan and MADE SAFE certified

Avocado has an intensive collection of organic bedding made from various eco-friendly fabrics, including organic hemp, organic cotton, organic linen, and more.

These eco-friendly bedding options are also super safe for your entire family as they are free from any toxins, allergens, and harsh chemicals.

They are also GOTS certified, MADE SAFE certified, and vegan.

Furthermore, Avocado bedding and sheets are also pre-washed, increasing comfort and keeping them from shrinking, losing shape, or fading.

10. Terra Thread Home Organic Cotton Bed Sheets


  • Made from ethically sourced organic cotton
  • Free from toxins and harsh chemicals
  • GOTS and Fairtrade certified bedding

TERRA THREAD HOME has a great collection of eco-friendly, soft, hypoallergenic, and ethically crafted bedding.

The company products are crafted from ethically sourced organic cotton that uses less water and energy.

TERRA THREAD HOME also follows strict guidelines to ensure that no GMO seeds, harmful chemicals, or dyes are used in any of their bedding products.

And when you order from TERRA THREAD HOME, your bedding will be packaged in an environment-friendly gift pack made of recyclable paper.

Moreover, TERRA THREAD HOME contributes free meals to those in need for every product they sell.

11. Ettitude Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sheets


  • Made with 100% organic bamboo Lyocell
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified
  • Free from toxins and harsh chemicals

Ettitude is no doubt one of the sustainable bedding brands in the market today.

The company’s collection of eco-friendly bedding includes the best bamboo sheets, duvets, and covers made of bamboo lyocell derived from organic bamboo.

Unlike most bamboo fabrics that are produced in environmentally-hazardous procedures, bamboo lyocell is the exact opposite.

Bamboo lyocell is produced using an organic compound in a closed-loop system where waste and water are reused and recycled.

Ettitude’s eco-friendly bamboo bedding is also certified by OEKO-TEX to be free from any harsh chemicals.

12. West Elm Sustainable Bedding Sets


  • Made from eco-friendly and organic fabrics
  • Free from toxins and irritating chemicals and dyes
  • Fair Trade, GOTS certified, and OEKO-TEX certified bedding

West Elm’s soft and sustainable bedding is all crafted from eco-friendly and high-quality fabrics.

They have a great collection of duvets, sheets, and covers made of organic linen, Tencel, organic cotton, and more.

West Elm’s eco-friendly bedding is also produced in Fair Trade facilities that support fair and safe labor practices.

West Elm emphasized creating eco-friendly bedding and was also among the first businesses to join Fair Trade USA.

13. Cariloha Eco-Friendly Duvets


  • Made from sustainable organic bamboo fabric
  • Free from toxins and harsh chemicals
  • Soft yet super durable

Cariloha has a great collection of dreamy-soft, affordable, and eco-friendly duvets made from sustainable bamboo fabric.

One of their famous tag lines is “softest bedding on the planet,” and we can understand why.

Duvets made with bamboo fabric are soft, moisture-wicking, and super breathable.

So if you’re looking to get that luxurious, restful sleep without feeling guilty for the planet, Cariloha eco-friendly duvets will provide you just that.

And if you love bamboo products, Cariloha also carries some of the best bamboo clothing in their inventory.

Final Thoughts

Choosing eco-friendly bedding over the trendy and conventional ones is a great start for you and your family towards a more eco-friendly bedroom.

They are not only great for the planet but also for you as eco-friendly bedding are free from chemicals and toxins.

Anyways, which of the eco-friendly bedding brands above are you most interested in?

Do you know other eco-friendly and sustainable bedding brands that deserve to be on this list?



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