10 Eco-Friendly Halloween Ideas That Saves Money

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There are many upsides to celebrating an eco-friendly Halloween.

Besides helping reduce waste at home, you can be an example to your family and friends that celebrations can be gentle on Mother Earth too!

And as parents, showing your kids’ eco-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween is an excellent green parenting idea, so they too will grow as eco-conscious individuals.

Moreover, celebrating a more sustainable and green Halloween can help you save money!

So without further ado, below are 10 eco-friendly Halloween ideas that will protect the planet and your budget!

1. Skip the Pumpkins (if possible)

Did you know that a vast number of pumpkins produced in the US and UK are not eaten?

Instead, each year, tons of pumpkins are carved to decorate porches on Halloween – then tossed aside afterward. 


It might be a hard pill to swallow, knowing that we purposely throw away food when millions of people are starving worldwide.

Moreover, pumpkins also have scary effects not only on kids passing by your porch but also on the environment!

Pumpkins that end up in landfills will rot, decompose and emit methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming!

And take note that water, land, energy, and other resources are consumed to produce these pumpkins.

(Suddenly, that sick Jack-o’-lantern is not so cool now, huh?)

So this Halloween, skip the pumpkins and switch to sustainable and eco-friendly Halloween decors which we will be discussing below.

But what if you can’t skip using pumpkins as Halloween decor?

Start by minimizing the number of pumpkins you use.

Let’s say, instead of planning to carve ten pumpkins this year, cut them to five.

This will help save pumpkins and money.

And to be less wasteful, save as much flesh when carving pumpkins and use them for soup, pies, and other pumpkin recipes.

If you don’t want to eat pumpkin, and we know some people who don’t, you can compost them.

Buying organic and locally produced pumpkins is also an excellent way to help reduce carbon emissions.

2. Buy Eco-friendly Halloween Decors

Most Halloween decorations are disposable and made from non-recyclable plastics.

Like pumpkins, most of these traditional Halloween decorations eventually end up in landfills on November 1st.

This year, opt for sustainable and eco-friendly Halloween decorations.

For instance, buy decorations made with nonplastic materials like wood, paper, or ceramics.

Then, use LED lights to illuminate your porch and pathways as they are more energy-efficient.

You can also use fruits like oranges or lemons for table decorations by drawing on them using water-based pens.

You can then peel/wash and eat them later.


And here’s another tip to have more eco-friendly Halloween decorations:

Make Halloween decorations using the things you already have at home like rags, socks, yarns, paper, etc.

This will help you save money and repurpose waste at home.

Search for “DIY Halloween decors,” and you’ll find plenty of ideas.

And guess what?

Making DIY Halloween decorations can be a bonding time for you and your kids!

3. Prepare Sustainable Trick-or-Treat Baskets

Most of the jack-o-lanterns used by kids to collect treats on Halloween are made from plastic.

And since they are likely to be thrown away after the festivities, they will end up in landfills where they will never break down for the next hundred years.

An eco-friendly alternative would be to provide your kids with reusable tote bags and shopping bags for trick-or-treating.

The same reusable shopping bags you use to pick up supplies.

Another option would be to use what you already have at home, like a bucket, pillowcase, or old bag.

4. Give Eco-friendly Halloween Treats

Giving away eco-friendly Halloween treats is an excellent way to spoil trick-or-treaters with less negative impact on the planet.


Here are some ideas:

  • Buy organic and fair-trade chocolate and candy brands
  • Opt for candies and sweets with less plastic packaging
  • Cook Halloween candies and treats yourself
  • Consider giving out things like pencils, zero waste school supplies for kids, and eco-friendly toys
  • Give money or gift certificates

5. Use Eco-friendly Halloween Costumes

There are a couple of ways to wear sustainable costumes this coming Halloween.

Here are some great options that doesn’t ruin your style:

Reuse, Rent, or Swap Halloween Costumes

Instead of buying pre-made costumes every Halloween, consider renting from shops or swapping with your friends.

You can also reuse costumes from previous years.

This is an excellent way to save money and help cut back on carbon emissions caused by fast fashion.

DIY Halloween Costumes

Another alternative would be to make your own costumes.

If you have been wondering what to do with old clothing in your wardrobe, repurposing them as Halloween costumes would be one of the answers.

You can also repurpose old cardboard boxes and other things you have at home to make Halloween costume for kids.


This way, you can put your artistic side to the test while reducing waste from single-use costumes each year.

Go ahead and try crafting adorable costumes for you and your kids.

For ideas, you can search online for “DIY Halloween costumes.”

Buy Eco-friendly Halloween Costumes

If you aren’t a fan of sewing or swapping of clothes, and using secondhand is not your style, don’t fret.

Shop for costumes made out of eco-friendly fabrics and materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo.

You can start by taking a look at Halloween costumes and apparel from eco-friendly clothing brands.

6. Wear Zero Waste Makeup

Makeups are essential accessories for any Halloween parties.

But what makeup are you planning to use?

Make the switch to zero waste makeup brands to celebrate a more sustainable Halloween.

Zero waste makeups are made with safe and nontoxic ingredients and they have a far less negative impact in the planet.


Check out our list of 21 zero waste makeup brands here!

7. Practice Eco-friendly Halloween Party

When hosting a Halloween party, there are simple things you can do to make your festivities more sustainable and Earth-friendly.

You can:

  • Prepare reusable cups, plates, and cutlery to cut back on waste
  • Avoid plastic utensils and flatwares; use bamboo cutlery, stainless steel, or wood
  • Serve drinks in nonplastic cups without straws
  • Check if the light and water in bathrooms are turned off
  • Unplug/turn off unnecessary appliances

8. Don’t Waste Food

Wasting food equates to wasting resources used to produce them.

And similar to dumping pumpkins in landfills, rotting food also emits methane.

Here are some tips to reduce food waste this Halloween:

  • Take inventory before you shop for ingredients
  • Plan the Halloween recipes and meals you want to serve
  • Be mindful about the amount of food you cook and serve
  • Minimize meat and prioritize plant-based recipes
  • Repurpose food scraps and make them into a new dish
  • Tell your kids not to waste food
  • Share and give away some leftovers
  • Use eco-friendly food containers to store leftovers
  • Check your fridge for tight seals, proper temperature, etc

9. Shop Local

As much as possible, buy your Halloween supplies, costumes, and food locally.

Unless, of course, what you need isn’t available in your area.

Shopping for supplies locally will significantly help reduce carbon emissions from traveling to other cities and shipping packages from far away places.

10. Dispose Trash Responsibly on November 1st

After the Halloween party is over, bet on it that there will be trash that needs your attention.

But instead of tossing them all in the bin, you can be more eco-friendly by practicing proper trash disposal.

For starters, you can compost food scraps using kitchen compost bins instead of sending them to landfills, where they will contribute to global warming.


If you do not plan to reuse your Halloween costume, donate it to charities and thrift shops.

Recycle and repurpose Halloween decorations, send as little to landfills.


How does Halloween affect the environment?

One could say that Halloween is one of the most environmentally taxing holidays. 

From countless plastic candy wrappers, disposable decorations, and cheap single-use costumes, it’s no wonder that Halloween is responsible for a considerable amount of waste every year.

Not to mention the amount of pumpkin and food that will be sent rotting in the landfills.

And don’t forget the disposable cups, plates, and plastic utensils used by many to indulge in delicious Halloween treats.

Is pumpkin carving wasteful?

Unfortunately, many of our current holiday traditions involve wasting food and resources, one of which is pumpkin carving for Halloween.

Billions of pounds of pumpkins produced each year are used only for Halloween decoration.

November 1st comes, or when they start to rot, they are then tossed away as trash.


The same pumpkins can be a nutritious food source for millions of people starving in the less developed parts of the world.

Final Thoughts on celebrating Eco-Friendly Halloween

Celebrating a joyous and exciting Halloween doesn’t need to come at the cost of our planet.

As we just shared with you in this post, there are many simple ways to celebrate a more eco-friendly Halloween that doesn’t complicate your current lifestyle.

Even better is the fact that they can help you save money too!

Anyways, which of the eco-friendly Halloween ideas above interests you the most?

Do you know other ways to celebrate Halloween more sustainably?


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